Wednesday, May 20, 2009

typical day in BMT Tekong0515: Wake up and go brush teeth wash face0545: Change into PT / Admin kit, fall in outside the platoon office0600: 5 BX0615: March to the cookhouse0630: Breakfast0645: Back to coy line, area cleaning0715: Draw arms from armskote0730: Change to PT kit, ready for strength training1000: Wash up1030: Lecture1130: March to cookhouse for lunch1245: Fall in, SBO attire1300: Combat PT1330: March to SOC ground1400: Do SOC1600: Back to coy line1700: Change to admin, lecture1745: March to cook house for dinner1900: Clean weapon2000: Send Arms2015: Night PT2130: Last Parade / RO2145: Admin2230 sleep

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