Friday, May 15, 2009

The 1st still is probably the POP of MP basic or spec 2 trainees to become full-fledged MP men or sergeants. This is followed by a clip of APC, coz onli APC wears the very sui and prestigious red tick caps. Next is APC's motorcycle platoon. Then there's ZPC Deserter Platoon, raiding an infantryman's cupboard. This is followed by, quite obviously, Dog Wing, then back to APC's motorcycle platoon and back to APC. Then that LCP with the berret is from DB (Detention Barracks). Getting posted to APC is certainly what many would not want, coz then u have to take both Basic and Advanced SPDS.. which is effing siong. But u do end up with a very sui looking SPDS badge that looks better than the Jungle Survivor or Paratrooper ones... a large S with an American Springfield slashed across the centre of the S

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