Friday, May 15, 2009

i m in mp rite now .. hmm .. can give u an insight on hws life in mp command .. as a trainee .. u r the lowest lifeform lol.. 5bx every morning n veri regimental .. u hav to march from place to place .. u cant play sports during ur trainee period .. n it is staying in .. onli bking out on wkends... u will hav lots of lectures everyday..ard 3 to 4 outfields in the whole course..basically the day will start ard 530 n end ard 7 or 8 most of the time .. n lights off ard 930 to 10++ depending on ur commanders.after u pop from trainee phase .. there r some companies u can be posted to .. namely .. school .. hq .. apc .. zpc .. dog wing .. db .. gombak .. n other external units .. personally i m in zpc .. i can say life there is quite gd .. we do stay out .. zpc is enforcement company .. we go ard camps to raid n perform deserter ops .. n of cos we r in charge of mowbray station which is the linkup for all saf units sending in their personnel to db ..apc is the company who specialise in precision drill n traffic platoon .. drill platoon basically will hav to go through OD ... orientation drills for abt 1 mth to get to flamilarise with the precision drill .. after which u will be activated for NDP , any special occasions , or even foreign VIP visits n u will be required to go IStana to perform some duties . Traffic platoon basically go for traffic rounds n oso required to go for ops n other stuffsSIB is deal with mostly drug or special saf case which is quite classified too .SB .. i nt quite sure what they really do ..Dogwing basically u r trained to take care of the dogs .. n support zpc for camp raids as those dogs can be used to detect drugs n arms as some army personnel hid them .. dogs can sniff them out!Gombak is something like guard duty ..HQ n sch is more liek those clerk works ..other external units .. there r alot .. u can get oversea attachment like going brunei for the whole of ur 2yrs -.- but mind u the pay is like .. 1.5k per mth .. of cos at brunei u sacrifice ur freedom n lifestyle in sg

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