Friday, May 15, 2009

MP Command is one of the best unit around...Trainee, you will go for rigorious training and super high discipline course. Any trouble you give will make you OOC. Respect and greet all seniors if you want a good time.You will learn MP wartime and peacetime roles and operations like body search and escorting, building PW cage and firing GPMG.... You will need to master your Military Law ( SAF ACT, CAP. 295 ).Basically after you pass out, you will be posted to the different coys.Some coys will need to work in mount dismount support styles, so forget your weekends.The best coys around will be ZPC and DB.ZPC is the most interesting and exciting coy as they went out for Ops and raids.DB is the best place where you learn good interpersonal skills and there are many friendly MPs there! They organise a Happy Hour session every month!!Enjoy your stay in MP Command... Its the best formation around... they organise runs every week to maintain your fitness level. Out-camp runs are also enjoyable as you go for runs in other places in Singapore!!We always remember this: PRIDE, DISCIPLINE and HONOUR!!The MP SONG

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