Friday, May 15, 2009

dun go APC.List of reasons1:First you need to clear your OD(orientation drill).This means the specs and senoir corporals will come down and take you daily in drills.They will tekan and whack the shit out of you to get ur drill standard up.You will be judged by CSM at the end of 2 weeks.If still cmi..more whacking till he thinks u can make it.Meanwhile no the life of a BMT recruit.2:Then you need to earn your SPDS (precision drill) badge.You need to go for a month long course at SOP living the life of a BMT recruit3:Then you need to earn your SPDS Advanced badge by doing more training.This is conducted by the senior corporals who are SPDS instructors in APC.Specs don't learn SPDS at all.The senior corporals will definately whack the shit out of you to achieve the standards needed.You will also need to pass your Last 100 warmup stage which is a series of physical exercises with your 5kg Mark4 rifle.Can anyone guess why its called Last 100?You will also live like a BMT recruit at this stage4:OK passout liao!Suddenly you will get every priviledge at once.Stayout la..canteen OTOT la..can treat the specs like shit because u are SPDS trained and they're not la...So what next?well..every year there are 2 major events and 100s of minor ones.The 2 major ones are SAF day and NDP.If u heng no NDP..good for u cuz u burn every sat/sun and sometimes weekdays.The minor events are GOH at mindef and istana which is really shitty to goto.5:Burn weekends no off la..OC fucker lol.Dun want to say anymore.6:Guard duties on weekdays are done by APC..somemore lately cuz of manpower shortage somehow APC has to do weekend too..dunno what the Turban RSM is thinking but APC somehow does all the saikang.7:If some big shot die like that time S will be cursing the poor dead fella cuz u have to do a funeral GOH for him.Too long to elaborate but alot of prepartions involved.Be prepared to stay till 12 midnight doing rehearsals to make all the army RSMS and other big fucks happy.8:New guys all get arrowed to do all the GOH/Performances9erforming SPDS is not for everyone.Its not like NDP if ur in the GOH u can just be 1 in a thousand people even u do wrong command no one will know.SPDS if you forget drill or drop the rifle in front of a crowd..its damn obvious and damn embarrassing for yourself when you see people laughing at you in your face10:Every first sunday of the month you need to go down to the Istana to do a parade called the Change of Guards parade.For those who never seen before you can go down at 1745pm outside Istana to see

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