Saturday, May 16, 2009

Haha.. which coy u from?? I 'was' from provost... but not anymore.....enjoyed my training but not post training life. HATE SAF. but....Yeah... SAFPU pretty easy life for NSF.... even more easy for the lazy damn regulars(Not all are lazy though, only 80%)DB, once you are old bird life will be better...but management still pretty bad. SB another shit place for NSF... lousey management and stupid 'regulars'ZPC depending on whos the CSM, but last I know of, the OC is quite down-to-earth and bothers to clean up, do shit job with men... why I noe? Cos being a Captain, Hes the only regular to step out and helped clear up mess after some shit cohesion day. Only after he stood out to help, then did the other Regular specs came and wayang....APC .... MEN RULES... Just be normal and dun be a problem to managment, nothing much will go wrong. Initial training abit tiring... but managable.SOP - remain there either be instructor if ya a spec, if men then either be armo ic or clerk or Media resource. Not bad place too... but heard slightly different now.SIB - Depending on whom you are under... can be good can be bad..HQ - same as above

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