Friday, May 15, 2009

There is no MP officer vocations. The MP officers u see are mostly from infantry or other combat units. When u sign on as a mp, you'll sign on as a specialist.After your BMT, you will go to sispec to get your corporal rank and then go through spec 2 course which includes chiong sua...section movement... at provost for three months to get your sergeant rank. Then you will get your posting. There are various companies in provost. you will go through your tour around the companies. some of the MP's job include parade and ceremonies, Silent precision drillls, dog unit and etc.. If u want to do PDS,be mentally prepared. Most likely you would have to complete your AR15 drills training b4 ebmarking on SPDS. Both are equally tough. But u will do AR15 drills if only u are posted to apc. if you have tattoo 0r criminal record, you wont be accepted.Life is not bad in provost, but i can tell you it gets pretty monotonous after some time....Don't sign on becoz u want to do regret it...might as well use giordano umbrella and rotate it.....MP training is only tough when u get posted to APC....after training phase in APC, everything will be ok liao.

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