Wednesday, May 20, 2009

learnt this method from my Bruneians Military Policemen..1 Cotton CLoth3 cans of kiwi ( at least 2 must be BRAND NEW)few drops of waterand prepare to get dirty...Apply foundationOpen up 1 kiwi ( old or new), stick your index or middle finger into it and dig out a large chunk of kiwi...Rub it onto the boots. Then slowly spread the kiwi by massaging the chunk over the entire surface with your finger...Apply layersNext take smaller chunks of kiwi and spread it over the surface... keep spreading it until you cannot see the grains of the leather...The end product will be a boot that is matt black and smooth...Apply the finishing..Now use your NEW kiwi... u see the top layer of the kiwi? do you see it reflect light?... Now u gonna extract that LAYER to your boots... Use the cotton cloth, slowly dab on the surface of the kiwi.. use very light force... press...You should have quite a bit of the kiwi oil on the cloth... next, apply the layer on the surface of the boots by rubbing the cloth over the surface.. use minimal force...let it dry.... next damp the cloth with water and remove any tiny particles of kiwi on the surfaceThe end result a SUPER shiny boots that will last at least for three full days of parade...Caution: This method is not recommended to apply on leather crease... it will Definitely CRACK... Apply this on the toecap and heel of the boots.

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