Monday, November 23, 2009

There is no place for RPs in SAFPU !!!!! The place is crawling with MPs !!!!! Why would SAFPU need RPs ??????!!!!!RPs-wannabes just need to go SAFPU SOP for a 2 weeks course. Then they will be posted out to various camps ie tengah air base, tekong.Basically what u r doing is............ Guard Duty. At night you will be the only ones around.... walking around the camp in the wee hours... moon-bathing or in Tekong case, night-fishing..... etcSome place they work as 24hrs duty, 24hrs off, follow by office hours, follow by standby 24hrs. Weekend and holidays if kena your shift for duty then u LPPL.Different camps different system. But be prepared to burn your holidays and weekends.

if u get FDS course for RP.. then forget about the 2 weeks course... i just came out from TAB FDS... haha.. was a 3months course of tekan but now all of my friends posted here and there.. well, RPs like me get combet pay...
mobray camp quite awhile don't have RP course already

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