Sunday, November 15, 2009

Do you know any good medical fiction?
I recently read a book called "The Laws of Invisible Things" about a doctor investigating a mysterious disease. It was a really cool mystery novel and very realisitc. It was written by a doctor.So I'm wondering if you can recommend other good books in the genre of medical fiction. Something that deals with viruses, infections, etc. I don't mean a huge apocalyptic outbreak and not going over into science fiction either. Has Michael Crichton written something like this maybe? "Andromeda Strain" was cool, but I'm looking for more everyday medical practice, dealing with patients, etc. Nothing supernatural, as close to reality as possible.

PandemicResistanceRage TherapyBlood LiesCold PlagueAll by Daniel Kalla

Look up about anything from Michael Cook or Crichton. Coma was great. Try a used book store-they could probably give you some great input as well

Robin Cook and Michael Palmer both write medical fiction

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