Monday, November 23, 2009

Military Police (MP) had moved from the old camp (Ulu Pandan Camp) to the new Mowbray Camp at "Mobray Road" near the Kranji Detention Barracks, Police Dog Unit and the new Kranji Camp. Pls do note that Mowbray Camp is not Kranji Camp !!There are 7 companies in SAFPU :-APC :- Deals in Guard-of-Honour Parade, Istana Guards, Traffic Platoon, and the famous SPDS (Slient Precision Drill Squad). ZPC :- Conduct Operation eg Camp Inspection, Escorts of Detainees and Paperworks of the detainees to Detention Barracks.SB :- Investigate classified cases and CP. (Close Protection)SIB :- InvestigatorsSOP :- Train future MPs, and RPs. Conduct Basic SPDS CoursesHQ :- HQ lah...DB :- Detention Barracks. in other words, prison guards lor...And for RPs, their powers are not that great as MP possess.. Its a 2 week very lobo courses. Most probably you will learn the basic of "how to handcuff properly"and "the Military Law Chapter 295", "turnout and discipline" etc.Very lobo one lah.... then u will be posted out to other camps.. basically security like check for pass of visitors going into your camp eg. No SOC required, no chiong hill chiong sea.If unlucky during your time got war, Military Police will be the biggest f***. Even the SPF will come under MP. The powers of MP wil be very great in war times.Military Police is the only service vocation which are paid combat pay.

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