Sunday, January 30, 2011

Singaporean men are too trusting of women and often after the first two dates, entrust bank account and money to the women instead of finding out more about their true colour.

These PRC women will start asking about your salary, bank account and housing. Then, they will start talking about sick relatives while having a real husband behind the local man's back. Singaporean men need to wisen up when trusting a partner.

S'porean men like to howlian to PRC gals. Maybe it is human nature. When the meimeis don't ask, our men will offer info to them - how rich they are, how much CPF money, forthcoming big biz deal etc.

All these are said to merely entice the meimeis to bed. They could have paid $150 in Geylang to achieve the same objective. The pleasure is still the same when you cum.

In my circle of friends, there are at least 15 with meimeis as constant companions and with the exception of two or three, the others are supporting their companions.

The exceptions are smart. They pleaded guilty to their meimeis that they don't have money. From my observation, their relationship is still going strong. They started on the right note unlike many others.

When courting, buy LV for meimei, dine at Thai Village, buy Rolex etc. Once meimei thought they found a 'robert', robert becomes a 'johnny pok kai'. Of course the meimei look for greener pastures elsewhere.

The lesson is simple - never act rich. Act poor to test the meimei. If need be, borrow some money from her and see her reaction. Don't be a fool and don't fool her. Test the water first coz still water runs deep.

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