Sunday, January 30, 2011

I am amazed how these PRC gals are always so capable of pleasing their men verbally without the need to go to bed.

It is like it's in their DNA and/or there are schools in China to train them to sweet-talk and con S'porean men. They 'lau kong' here and there, our men tak boleh tahan liao. They treat you better than the porlumpars treat their PAP masters. In a nutshell, local men are simply mesmerised!

Slowly but surely, these gals will have family members who are sick and/or dying, house collapsing and needs renovation, siblings need further education etcetc. They only do so when they know you are already in their pockets.

I know of a few friends who were innocently conned. But there are those who knowingly get conned. Not once by the same gal but several times. Others, when they discover their 'lau por' churi makan outside will find excuses for their partners' ECA.

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