Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sorry, but I disagree with Kathi-lyn. Like this 14-yr-old boy, I feel the same. That’s why I made the decision 20 yrs ago to migrate. Life in Australia is totally different from S’pore. The Govt really looks after its own citizens despite taking in refugees every year. They don’t have money-faced politicians & the opposition in parliament are not afraid to question any dubious acts passed. Likewise the media there are constantly looking to dig up any attempt at coverups to give maximum exposure. Although the country is rich in minerals, they don’t fritter away their reserves as they are answerable in parliament. As for medical attention, they have world-class facilities which is available to rich or poor. Being a retiree, everything from bus fares to hospital care is subsidised. There is no need for the jobless to collect cans from the rubbish, sell tissues or fold cardboards to make a living. The elderly here retire with their dignity intact. Although there are sporadic acts of racism, these are short-lived. Being a minority, I’ve experienced worse in S’pore ! I really feel sorry for those in S’pore who don’t have the choice to move out from S’pore, what with it’s oppressive environment where the ordinary Joe is treated like dirt. Where the politicians behave so arrogantly knowing full well that nobody can shake them from their iron rice bowl. Where they denigrate the very citizens who voted them in with names like “daft”. Where when they made serious mistakes, do not take responsibility despite being paid million-$ market-rate salaries & are not required to step down eg. LKY, HC, WKS, etc. I wish all the best for this intelligent 14-yr-old & hope he makes it to the other side !
God Bless Singapore.

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