Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hi, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. You must be going through a really tough time right now and my greatest sympathies goes out to you.

But you cannot blame PAP for everything. Singapore’s health care and transport system is already top notch and your mom shouldn’t have gone to an ER for a check up as emergencies are priority there.

Secondly, if you’re not gonna stay in Singapore, where are you gonna live? Australia? Australia’s health care system in on the verge of collapse, their transportation system is horrendous, their cost of living is so high. The United States? A bullying suicide case just came on the news a few days ago in the US. Would you really want to build a family where you are/feel a minority? No way.. Singapore has its faults, but I feel that it is the best place to live in. Sure things may be rough but it is home. Plus, if you want to stay in Asia, Singapore is one of the best countries. Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia? Living conditions there will be worse!

What can the new government do for us that PAP has not already done? So what if a new government takes over? Does this mean that we will expel all the foreigners in Singapore? no.. there is no way any government will do this due to economic reasons. Change the health care system which has been in place for the past few decades and seems to be doing well (compared to other countries)? Such change cannot happen immediately.

And what if change is bad for Singapore? Singapore is a city state. It only takes one bad move for our country to be in ruins! You will understand this better when you grow up.

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