Friday, July 2, 2010

I was reading some of the reviews of this hotel and I cant help but wonder where the reviews are coming from.

We are the owner of the Amara property timeshares since the early 1980s. Everytime we checked into the hotel they give us exactly the same room which in my opinion is really old and worn out and seriously in need of some real renovation. Perhaps they put all their timeshare owners in the same room, and those "paying" customers in nicer rooms..... But we did pay for the time shares and yearly maintenance fees (at which they increase at their own discretion)!

The carpeting is old and dirty I have to walk around in shoes and the shower stall is always stuck with water that pools and overflow. Perhaps they should start to spend some real money on Draino? The furniture (aka sofa, desk, chair etc) are so mirky I wouldnt put my dirty laundy on them.

That having said, its in a nice location. The lobby looks nice and well kept, the housekeeping did their best to clean up our room everytime we stayed, but theres only so much you can do to clean up worn out places that requires renovation.

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