Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dirty secrets of foreign recruitment unveil

Last week, I approached a Job agency use by our company to
source for candidates, as our HR manager had left the company,
I was put in charge to look for an IT programmer, I received
several suitable resume from other source, they were mainly
local applicants. Then this job agency called me up, the boss
was Micheal, he was very friendly, he told me of the great working
relationship he had with the previous HR manager.

As he carry on describing his services, he mentioned about red packets.
you see, if our company were to employ locals which is widely available,
this Job agency will not get any commission, because local will not pay
commission to the job agencies. Therefore to get the commision from our
company and the job applicants, they have to get foreigners who are more
willing to pay. So he was proposing to me that if I were to select his
foreign candidates, I will get a cut of the commission from our company and
the foreigners, and he reminded me that our previous manager always works
that way.

I thank him for his services, but i told him, that respective dept choose the
applicants, not me.

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