Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It seems interior design contractors these days have more than enough work and income, so much in fact that they can pick and choose whom they decide to work for based on the size of the project.

I have become completely disillusioned by some whom I tried to engage for some work at my new apartment, and three others I asked to provide some services and furniture at my place of work.

For the home project, I contacted three contractors for an audio-visual console and shelving job at home and did not receive one response, despite sending drawings, measurements and budget.

I wrote to them complaining about the lack of customer service and arrogance that smacks of "your job not worth it, lah". Are they doing so well that at around $3,000 to $4,000, the console job was not worth their time or effort? Well, they missed out on the chance to do a total upgrade of two bathrooms and a kitchen, had the console job been done well.

Six weeks ago, I tried a well-known local interior designer. The website auto-responded within 15 minutes, advising that one of their consultants would contact me. I am still waiting.

For my office we needed some desks, tables and chairs for a small boardroom and two offices. We contacted three providers, one promised to come back the following day for "more measurements" but we never heard from him again. The other two were keen, but had quotes for the same work that varied by almost 100 per cent.

Is the industry so flush with business that smaller projects are just not worth it? This customer will certainly not be recommending four particular local businesses to friends and colleagues in the future.

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