Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is his girlfriend's family trying to set him up?


I have been with my wife for ten years and watched her 4 y/o son grow to be a young man. Now he is almost 15 y/o and popular with the ladies. He has a girlfriend and has been going cuckoo like most young men that age on a hormone roller coaster(and some older farts too LOL). Now my wife and much of her family are afraid he might have sex with this girl and her parents will start demanding money. They have seen our house and know we are not poor so $$$$ may be flashing in their eyes.
Her mother seems to encourage them being alone often which is not normal in my opinion of something parents of a 14 y/o girl do. The girl is in my step son's class at school and last week her grandmother came to the classroom and took a photo of him.

My wife says if the girl has sex with her son her mother may get the police involved and the extortion begins. We have told our son to keep it in his pants but no teenage boy could resit that opportunity. Being that Thai men seldom support step children my wife could make it clear to the girls mother that I will not contribute anything financially and the police could not force me too as I am not the boys father.

Anyone have experience in this situation or thoughts on the matter. My wife and I do have a 5 y/o son together so this situation could turn ugly in 10 years when he grows up.

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