Friday, November 14, 2008

During the 1995 -1998 period, the same scenerio arise. Many people cant get the HDB flat. There was the ballot system and it is just like "ti-kam", 1 out of 8 can get to buy. Due to this flocked system, many people, including those who are not so keen buyer also join the Q, paying $10 as a ballot fee, when they get balloted, then they decide whether to buy or not. At that time, similar to now, many people were worried that they can get their flat, rushing in to buy. Govt see good demand, built even more flats, thus causing the mkt to change from over demand to over supply. Many were convinced that HDB prices will not fall, at that time, it has never fallen before. There were influx of hongkongers, indoesian, etc . then when the mkt adjusted itself with supplies from govt and developers, the price collapse

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