Sunday, April 3, 2011

Concerned Citizen:
April 4, 2010 at 5:51 pm
I witnessed one case of abuse of authority in army. I was on Friday’s guard duty and was surprised to see 2 cars of ladies approaching the gate at 2200hrs. As the sentry on shift I approached them and find out what they want. A lady came out of the car and demanded entry to the camp. She said they are here to attend a function at the officer’s mess. I told her no entry to civilian after 1800hrs. She got angry and raised her voice saying she knows MAJ XXX. I told her to wait and inform my Duty Guard Commander.

My guard commander is a colleague of mine. A good regular specialist. He came out and told them the same thing I said and that lady started to abuse him verbally! Saying he will be charged if he does not allow us to enter! My guard commander

….. got really angry by this time and called up the duty officer and explained to him about the situation. Less than 10 minutes later, the duty officer and MAJ XXX drove to the guard house and escorted the ladies to the officer mess. Before they left, MAJ XXX warned my guard commander and everyone at the guard room that he will make sure we get into big trouble if we mention this to anyone. We were all so angry with this blatant violation of security! My guard commander wanted to call SIB but all of us asked him not to as alot of us NSF will be ORD in another 6 months and we do not want any trouble. The next morning at about 0400hrs. The 2 cars with the ladies left the camp. From what we heard from the mess boy, it was not unlike an orgy in the officer mess that night! The poor duty officer, who is a nice decent guy was implicated in this unsavoury incident.

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