Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tell us the whole story leh. What happened to the RP afterwards? Say sorry 2000 times? Knock it down till next year?

He must be an idiot as well lah, the age of the person should imply to him that it's either NSMan, or somebody higher ranking than him. Unless the LTC super high flyer and look uber young.

this is not first hand story btw... just heard it from a friend lah...

basically what happen was that, it was in an airbase. then the LTC was driving the rover into the middle of the field to do the scouting for some exercise or something.

suddenly, the MP (3rd sergeant) went to shout "oi! what the fark u doing there? where u from? who are u? what u doing here?"

so the LTC, whose rank was being covered by his LBV, reply nicely, "oh, i just looking around for this exercise, blah blah blah"

then the MP still damn rude, say "where u from?" then he scold scold scold blah blah blah, "!@##$%^&&*", then he say "come out of the car now!"

so the LTC feel damn dulan already, then he say "ok, sorry ah, let me take out my LBV first..."

then the MP face totally changed when he saw the rank...:eek: then he salute and say "gd morning... sorry sir."

after the LTC fark him verbally, i think he kana complain to the RSM... then in the end i heard the MP kana 20 plus extras for abusing authority and whatever they cld come up with. orbi good

from what my friend told me, the LTC look quite young cos it was air force one, u know airforce, all these ranks like LTC like got alot anyway, alot of high ranking people in the camp one.

actually, i feel no matter who it is, whether recroot or general, esp if u not sure, u shld speak to the person firmly but with respect. u can never go wrong there. no point abusing ur authority or treating the guys below like dogs cos there's always someone on top of u who will treat u like dog back

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