Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mar 10, 2010
budget debate
Grants for med students abroad
By Rachel Lin

RESTRUCTURED hospitals are looking into giving pre-employment grants to Singaporeans studying medicine overseas, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan announced yesterday.

The grant will cover part of the students' university fees. Recipients have to serve a bond in Singapore after they graduate.

An encounter with a young party activist in his Sembawang branch made him realise the usefulness of the idea, which had first been thrown up by Dr Lily Neo (Jalan Besar GRC), said Mr Khaw.

The activist was leaving to study medicine in New South Wales, Australia. 'Among the 60 international students in her batch, she noted that 40 were Singaporeans!' the minister exclaimed.

Mr Khaw blogged about this on Facebook. In his post, he said that the ministry's aggressive recruitment of foreign medical graduates had worked, but Singapore students should not be neglected.

'I will figure out a way to help them in a meaningful manner and secure their return to Singapore,' he wrote. 'I am sure it can be done, to get our kids back!'

Read the full story in Wednesday's edition of The Straits Times.

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Even local nurses are getting out as quickly as they can.

How do you fight a war without doctors and nurses.
Posted by: BPLforever at Thu Mar 11 00:05:23 SGT 2010

On a side note, it does appear that they have realised rather belatedly that we now have an acute shortage of local doctors. I noticed that they were taking in a lot of Malaysians at the expense of Singaporeans. This forced many Singaporeans to study in overseas medical schools and to remain overseas after they graduated.

This has adverse implications with regards to the 'defence' of this island. It has probably resulted in the SAF having a shortage of doctors.

What if we were in a conflict with an 'aggressor'? Would we have sufficient doctors to treat the casualties, given that most of the foreign doctors will run away at the slightest sign of trouble?

This is a problem that they have brought upon themselves because of their addiction to cheap foreign doctors.
Posted by: BPLforever at Thu Mar 11 00:02:57 SGT 2010

After doctor pedigrees, alumni ties matter next.

Raffles and ACS are favoured.
Posted by: pappy at Wed Mar 10 23:10:44 SGT 2010

JustACitizen, if what you say is true, then of course the internal system needs to be changed. I mean I have heard rumors about how the med sch might favour students with doctor pedigrees, but I dont think its the case. Plus theres no evidence to suggest that is the case. If anything, they might know the medical profession better, and as a result naturally stand a better chance gaining admission. I do agree with you though, we need to improve the current system of selecting students, as well as expanding our medical student intake. They need to be more transparent with the selection process rather than just dishing out the criteria for a start.

Also, i agree with BPL, there must be career prospects, good ones for them, or else they have less reason to return. Are overseas graduates now discriminated against local graduates presently? in terms of career opportunities?
Posted by: imwellfed at Wed Mar 10 22:53:13 SGT 2010

Isn't it better for Singaporeans studying medicine overseas, to remain in that country and practice their medicine there.

Serving a 5 year bond?? in a restructured hospital here can be hell.

Further with the flood of cheap foreign doctors here, there is little prospect for local doctors.
Posted by: BPLforever at Wed Mar 10 14:27:16 SGT 2010

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