Monday, January 11, 2010

Hobart's actually a really nice place to study, minus the hilly terrain. But if you're into partying and the really happening night scene elsewhere, you might be a little disappointed. Coming from Singapore, I sure was but I have been a little too preoccupied with uni to really bother much apart from the lack of late night munchy places around.

I'm grateful for really friendly and approachable lecturers who make an effort to know everyone's names and you can definitely just rock up to them and ask questions.

The cases we have every week sort of helps us consolidate our learning and prepares us for what's ahead. I think the live cases in 2nd yr are a really good way to introduce us into the clinical aspect of medicine.

The ethnic mix is really good to be honest. I'm asian too and everyone's been absolutely fantastic and I just adore my year group.

I can't compare UTAS with the other unis just because I have no idea what it's like there apart from the occasional whining from my other friends so I'm probably not the best person to compare unis.

If not for anything, 5 years is better than having to spend an extra year. As if 5 wasn't long enough. LOL!

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I am a high school student who hopes to begin studying medicine in 2011, so can't really help you on the UTas stuff, but I have, however, lived in both Brisbane and Hobart so I can give a bit of info on that topic.

I find that Hobart is a really nice place to live, it may be smaller than Brisbane, but that will only be an issue if you convince yourself that it will be, I personally think living in a smaller city is nicer. Also I think the way that Hobart is so well surrounded by water is really nice, and is a nice touch.

I would say that unless you really want to stay in Brisbane, studying in Hobart would be great

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i've just heard that UTAS is ridiculously hard to get into for interstaters (only 20 spots or something), so congrats on getting in! I didn't think they released offers yet, only rejections, so could you maybe tell me when you got the offer and just a summary or what it said? seems like i got rejected

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Heh, I could be wrong, but I *think* she means to ask what the group is that runs the UTAS medical student society...?

If so, it's TUMSS (Tasmanian University Medical Students' Society)

I think you'll find that most people are indeed very nice individuals, but Hayden's right in saying that there are some a-holes around :P. Not that I have any problems with anyone personally, but there definitely are feuds between certain others.

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What happens if you don't get an offer OR a rejection? Does that mean they'll offer you a place when the people that already got offered places reject it? UMAT was 213, if that helps.

UMAT 2009: 65+60+88 = 213

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