Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Buyers under DPS has to pay more in total, so those with cash will not opt for this. We can conclude many of these DPS buyers are shallow-pocket flippers. What makes it worse is the unexpected credit crunch. Besides, flippers are normally people with a risky-income profile like bankers, remisers, property agents ... who make a lot of money in the 2007-boom and became too optimistic about the property market. These people will be faced with sudden loss of income and will find it very hard to get a bank loan. DPS buyers cannot just walk away from the deals and think their maximum loss is the 10-20% downpayment. Developers can resell at any lower prices and the defaulting buyers will have to pay the difference plus all legal fees. So these shallow-pocket flippers will have to sell their units at whatever prices the market will pay. I see a property price crash coming from middle 2009

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